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3D Laproscopy

Prabhu Hospital is one of the leading medical hubs that facilitate 3D Laparoscopy. This methodology of treatment checks the issues related to the abdomen and female’s reproductive organs. We have advanced technology to execute laparoscopic surgery on an affordable budget. We all are pretty aware of the way medical science has progressed and revolutionized the era. It has given new hope to society about the well-being of the lives. Medical science has done such inventions, which has convinced us that no disease is major now and 3D Laparoscopy is one of them. It is the most promising treatment for symptomatic Gall Stone Disease, Morbid Obesity, GERD, and Appendicitis

Laproscopy Treatment
3D-4D-SONOGRAPHY Treatment


Everybody becomes excited when they expect a baby. Life becomes more exciting and engaging. Through 3D/4D sonography, couples get a chance to see photographs of their kid. Sonography is usually performed in order to monitor the movement and growth of the baby.
During the approach of 3D Sonography, images are captured in 2D and then it is merged to generate a 3D effect while in 4D scanning, real-time pictures are developed so that one could track the progress of a kid inside the mother’s womb. Movement of legs, hands, eyes, etc is captured. We have specialists who monitor the progress of a baby through 3D/4D Sonography.

IVF (Test Tube Baby Center)

Prabhu Hospital is known for its advanced infertility treatment. Millions of people have availed of the service and felt the joy of parenthood. The aim of our foundation is to spread happiness and there is no bigger joy than being a parent. Our success rate speaks about our quality treatment that is done under the supervision of world-class professionals.

As per the concept of health experts, if a couple is unable to become a parent even after trying many times in a year, there is a problem of infertility. The way technology has grown, every problem has a possible solution.

IVF Treatment
Onco Gynecology

ONCO Gynecology

Gynaecology Cancer is a dangerous disease that must be a cure at a very early stage. Prabhu Hospital has specialized surgical treatments in order to prevent and diagnose women from Gynaecology cancer. We have experienced Gynaecologists who are working for more than a decade. Being the leading hospital of the era, we prefer to use cutting-edge techniques during the treatment. During ovarian cancer treatment, we follow the ultra-radical pelvic and abdominal surgery method. We keep minimal incision during the surgery of cervical and endometrial cancer. The outlines are made by keeping the comfort and safety of patients in mind. We strive hard to save lives because nothing is above that.


A child is the biggest blessing of the almighty. The duration of pregnancy is one of the special moments of a women’s life and family. As a leading maternity hospital in India, we do take care of the child in the most special way. We offer the best maternity care and assistance during the period of pregnancy so that mother and child could be healthy. When it comes to safe and painless delivery, Prabhu Hospital is the only name. We make sure to offer an amazing experience of pregnancy, and hence through our premier comprehensive treatment, your journey from conception to delivery will be pleasant and memorable. Here you will experience a positive environment that offers mother-to-be a comfortable and relaxed delivery.

Furthermore, we follow all the needed precautions that should be taken care of during pregnancy. Deliveries whether a normal or cesarean section is totally taken care of by the experts only.

Maternity Treatment
Urogynecology Treatment


Prabhu Hospital aims to deliver a better life to women who are suffering from issues related to the uterus. We follow the most superior technology, researches, and clinical patterns in order to enhance their healthy life. Our medications are designed by analyzing the stage of the issue and corresponding to that surgical or non-surgical options are planned.
If we talk about Urogynecology, it is similar to Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.

Prabhu Hospital intends to offer quality services to all the patients so that they could have a normal life soon. We always apply the highest possible medical standards and keep on adding new contrivances.

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