3D-4D Sonography

3D-4D Sonography

Everybody becomes excited when they expect a baby. Life becomes more exciting and engaging. Through 3D/4D sonography, couples get a chance to see photographs of their kid. Sonography is usually performed in order to monitor the movement and growth of the baby.
During the approach of 3D Sonography, images are captured in 2D and then it is merged to generate a 3D effect while in 4D scanning, real-time pictures are developed so that one could track the progress of a kid inside the mother’s womb. Movement of legs, hands, eyes, etc is captured. We have specialists who monitor the progress of a baby through 3D/4D Sonography.
The methodology helps in the identification of issues at the very early stage of pregnancy. If in case any issue occurs, our doctors plan their actions accordingly. Mother and child both get special protection through the process of sonography.

Why Should We Follow 3D/4D Sonography?

  • 3D scans generate images that showcase a better vision of foetal heart structure and is not possible in 2D Sonography.
  • Through sonography, doctors get to diagnose foetal face issues like cleft lip.
  • It enables easy diagnose of neural defects & foetal musculoskeletal.
  • 4D scan Increases a bond of affection.
  • It takes lesser time for a foetal heart screening.

Why Should You Choose Prabhu Hospital For 3D/4D Scanning?

Prabhu hospital is known for its quality treatment and here we have the best sonographer who follow set protocols during sonography. We have well-equipped laboratories to carry out the tests. We do our best in capturing the special moments of your kid who is about to come on this planet. We capture 3-dimensional images through 3D sonography and capture a video of the kid’s movement by utilizing the concept of 4D Sonography. Here you will have:

Experts Of Medical Science Having Decades Of Experience

  • Well managed laboratories
  • Complete security
  • Advanced tools
  • Proper care
  • We create a moment for your lifetime