Gynaecology Oncology

Gynaecology Oncology

Gynaecology Cancer is a dangerous disease that must be a cure at a very early stage. Prabhu Hospital has specialized surgical treatments in order to prevent and diagnose women from Gynaecology cancer. We have experienced Gynaecologists who are working for more than a decade. Being the leading hospital of the era, we prefer to use cutting-edge techniques during the treatment. During ovarian cancer treatment, we follow the ultra-radical pelvic and abdominal surgery method. We keep minimal incision during the surgery of cervical and endometrial cancer. The outlines are made by keeping the comfort and safety of patients in mind. We strive hard to save lives because nothing is above that.
During the whole procedure, we give equal attention to preventive oncology. To execute the same regular free cancer screening camps are organized by Prabhu Hospital. We hope for a happy and healthy tomorrow, and all our initiatives are intended towards it.

Our Extensive Range Of Treatments Are Available To Counter Issues Of

  • Cervical Cancer
  • Endometrial Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Vaginal Cancer
  • Vulva Cancer

Why Should You Select Prabhu Hospital For Gynaecology Oncology?

Prabhu Hospital put all efforts and contribute in an equal partition to fight against Gynaecological Cancer by the methods of chemotherapy, surgery, medications, and intraoperative radiation. After surgery, regular visit and performance of the patient are kept under the supervision of higher authorities to offer the best possible care.
Experienced Medical Team: With the passionate, enthusiastic, and experienced teams of doctors and other medical staff members we have defeated Gynaecology cancers many times and possess the highest success rate.
Advanced Medical Facilities: Medical science is grown and changed the perspective a lot. We have all the facilities available in order to cure disease. We always follow security protocols during treatment because we always work for the smile of patients.
Support & Assistance: We are always open in the service of mankind. Our emergency care unit is always there to offer first aid at the earliest. Our high class and advanced services are available in your budget only hence we are always supportive in terms of budget, treatment, etc.
Palliative Care: Prabhu Hospital offers personal care and here you can have everything the same as at home. We know the level of trauma through which a patient passes during the problem and hence we offer all possible treatment and affection.