Maternity Services

Maternity Services

A child is the biggest blessing of the almighty. The duration of pregnancy is one of the special moments of a women’s life and family. As a leading maternity hospital in India, we do take care of the child in the most special way. We offer the best maternity care and assistance during the period of pregnancy so that mother and child could be healthy. When it comes to safe and painless delivery, Prabhu Hospital is the only name. We make sure to offer an amazing experience of pregnancy, and hence through our premier comprehensive treatment, your journey from conception to delivery will be pleasant and memorable. Here you will experience a positive environment that offers mother-to-be a comfortable and relaxed delivery.
Furthermore, we follow all the needed precautions that should be taken care of during pregnancy. Deliveries whether a normal or cesarean section is totally taken care of by the experts only. Post-birth we offer the most reliable and peculiar care to the newborn. Parents are guided accurately for the care of the kid. Our expert pediatricians do regular visits for the check-up of mother and kid.
Our comprehensive range of delivery services always aims to endeavor the highest possible care to the newborn and the mother. Prabhu hospital has achieved the top rank in terms of maternity services. If you are going to be a Mom, we are ready to welcome you whole-heartedly.

What Do We Do?

Antenatal Care: In order to ensure the well being of mother and child, we offer antenatal care. Regular check-ups, closed monitoring on routine and medical examinations are performed.
Postnatal Care: After successful delivery, we ensure to take care of mother and newborn for the initial few weeks so that there could not be an issue post-pregnancy. It is required for the wellness of both. In postnatal care, Prabhu hospital examines the external, internal, emotional, and mental condition of the mother.
Management of complications: Sometimes pregnancies become riskier due to various factors such as lifestyle, age, health issues, etc. These types of cases create difficulties during delivery. In order to counter such complications, we have the most qualified team of specialists who execute the delivery suitably and strive hard to minimize the risk factor up-to the maximum feasible extent.
Preconception Counselling: We are living in an era where things are changing rapidly. Lifestyle is completely changed by 360 degrees. By keeping these circumstances, we have one section of counseling where we guide couples who are about to step-in into pregnancy. We aim to supervise them in a way so that they could have a healthy baby. If a twosome is having any issue, we offer them relevant solutions as well.
Complete care solution for a newborn: Newborn babies are just like angels of God. We shower them with love and care so that they could imbibe the new environment. Our medications and regular check-ups are followed in a routine, so that child and mother could be safe, happy, and healthy.

Why Are We Different From Others?

Our well-qualified experts and other medical staff ensure proper treatment along with personal care. Prabhu hospital is known for its super quality maternity services. We have well-equipped operation theaters, postnatal care, spacious & luxurious LDRs i.e. (Labor, Delivery, and Recovery rooms). Our extensive range of facilities is designed, by keeping the protection of the child and mother.
Exclusive services of Prabhu Hospital
  • Availability of 24*7 emergency unit and Ambulance service.
  • Well-equipped laboratories, operation theaters, and labor rooms.
  • Advanced technology to capture the movement of your kid.
  • Always in your budget.
  • Well qualified doctors.
  • Highest success rates.
  • One-stop solution to fulfill the maternity needs.
Our Advanced Instruments
  • Foetal Monitoring Machine i.e. 3CTG machine.
  • Modern and Unique Labor Suite.
  • Advance Scanning Machine to track the motion of the baby.
Prabhu Hospital is a progressive maternity hospital in India where we assure the most secured delivery. We take care of you and your kid, same as a family member. We are a medical center, but we do have feelings and emotions. Our aim is to just bring your kid into this world in the safest way. If you are a mom-to-be, we are your constant companion. By being in the same domain for more than two decades, we are very well aware of the challenges that may come and hence we have all sorts of backup to minimize the risks. We cater to all the requirements of maternity and we are known for some of our special services such as:
  • Painless Delivery
  • Caesarian Section
  • Comprehensive Antenatal Care
  • High-Risk Pregnancy Management
  • Rh-ve Pregnancy Management
  • MTP (Medical as well as suction evacuation)
  • Fetal Medicine
  • Adolescent Health Care
  • Infertility Management
  • IUI (Intrauterine Insemination)
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Ovarian Cyst
  • Fibroids (Myomectomy)
  • Uterus Removal (TLH)
  • Menopause Clinic