What Exercise You Should Do During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the most wondrous period of a women’s life. It is the time when she needs care the most. In order to maintain a healthy pregnancy, exercise is mandatory.

Here we will discuss some activities that will keep you comfortable during your pregnancy. Moreover, if you were doing exercise before pregnancy, you should continue the same even after the pregnancy, but with some modification.

Our suggested forms of activities include Yoga, Aerobics, Weights, Swimming, Pilates, etc. Always keep your focus on being healthy & fit rather than setting any target.

Remember, these exercises are essential to maintain your health during pregnancy, and rigorous exercise may have adverse effects. It is better to avoid rigorous workouts.


Doing Pilates will maintain your posture, balance, strength, and flexibility. During pregnancy, a lady has to carry extra weight that demands more strength.

Hence Pilates helps a pregnant lady to carry the weight of the baby growing inside her womb. Moreover, it makes them mentally powerful for giving birth to a new baby.


Being an expert, we are quite aware of the worth of swimming during pregnancy. We always recommend pregnant ladies to swim. It is a perfect exercise to stay fit during pregnancy.

During swimming, ladies feel more agile and active. As the baby also floats during swimming, it’s gentle on loosening ligaments. Also, swimming gives relief from nausea and puffy ankles.

Furthermore, if a pregnant lady is going swimming, she should be extra careful on slippery surfaces. Never take any form of jump or dive in the pool.

It affects the baby, and some serious consequences can take place. So, by keeping these points in mind, a pregnant woman should go swimming. It makes her happy, healthy, and fit.


Walking is the simplest form of exercise, and a pregnant woman can do it comfortably. Even she can walk till the delivery date.

It maintains the momentum of the lady and prepares her for a healthy delivery. Motion is the most significant aspect of a pregnant body so, we always advise ladies at-least to walk if they are unable to perform other exercises.

Walking is affordable for everyone because there is no need for any machine, gym-membership, etc. Only make sure to walk on a plane surface that must not be slippery.

Also, one should not walk too fast. They need to keep the speed as per the suitability of the body.

Dance and Aerobics

In the initial days of pregnancy, routine dance and low-impact aerobics activities such as basic Zumba are effective ways to increase the heart rate.

At the same, we would also like to inform you that as the size of the abdomen increases, please avoid doing activities that demand balance.

During performing the activities of aerobics, always be attentive and avoid jumping and high-impact moves. One should always keep one thing in mind, that they are here for a healthy baby and comfortable pregnancy period.

There is no need to fix goals and do something unhealthy in order to achieve it. Just keep doing little movements and enjoy the amazing period.

Cycling (Indoor)

Based on the advice of a doctor, cycling can also be an effective exercise for pregnant ladies. Till the six months of pregnancy, one can do cycling indoors, it helps to increase their heart rates.

At the same, one should be a good rider and able to pedal by herself. Those, who do not know how to ride a cycle, should stay away from it. We have given lots of options and this option is only for those who are experts in cycling.

Moreover, we recommend indoor cycling, because in the case of outdoor there are risks so it is better to avoid them.

Weight Lifting

Lifting weights are also a good idea for the women who are expecting. There are some precautions by taking care of them, a pregnant lady can lift weights.

If a lady lifts weight before pregnancy, she can continue the same after pregnancy but with lower weights than usual. And the lower weights can be lifted in repetitions, there is no harm.

Also, they should not perform isometric movements. Isometric movements refer to a posture in which we need to hold ourselves for a longer duration.

One more important thing that we need to highlight, the ladies should always perform stretching once their weight lifting exercise completes.

If you are pregnant and doing weight lifting, keep your doctor informed so that he/she could take the right step for you.


If a pregnant lady can’t do anything, she must do Yoga. It keeps us physically as well as psychologically strong.

The worth of Yoga is inexpressible in words because it enhances the body’s posture in a number of ways and offers maximum comfort during the pregnancy.

The techniques of breathing during Yoga offers relaxation and prepares the mind to give birth to a baby.

Things to take care of:

Exercise has the power to make the pregnancy period comfortable, but one should keep few things in mind. If you are in one of them who are going to be a Mom soon, please take care of these things:

• Always do exercises in which you can control your body.
• Avoid walking or swimming on slippery surfaces.
• Never jump during any form of exercise.
• Do not push yourself too hard.
• Keep your doctor informed about the entire routine.

Prabhu Women’s Hospital is one of the finest hospitals to attend pregnancy cases. Our medical experts have decades of experience and they always take special care of the ladies who are expecting.

During treatment, we always suggest some effective exercises in order to make their pregnancy period easy. If you need to know more, feel free to get in touch.

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