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Dr. Naimesh P. Patel
Gynec Endoscopy Specialist

Dr. Naimesh Patel is a practicing Gynaecologist and Laparoscopic Surgeon with over 15 years of experience. He has completed his medical education at Government Medical College Bhavnagar He has completed his MBBS in 2003 and D.G.O. in 2006 and had a brilliant academic career.

Professional Affiliation
Member, Ahmedabad Obs.& Gynec Society (AOGS).
Member, Federation of Obs. & Gynec Society India(FOGSI).
Member, Indian Association of Gynec Endoscopist (IAGE).
Professional Highlights
Worked as Consultant gynaecologist at Jyoti Hospital – Visnagar (2005-2006).
Was Visiting gynaecologist at Dhanvantari Hospital –Ahmedabad (2007-2008).
Owner and chief gynaecologist at Prabhu Women’s Hospital and 3D Laparoscopy Centre –Ahmedabad since 2007.
Chaired many national conferences as chairperson.
Done Live surgeries at many workshops.
Completed many Lap. Surgeries like
Complicated Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy.
Laparoscopic Tubal Recanalization.
Laparoscopic Sling surgery for prolapse uterus vault.
Laparoscopic management of Ectopic pregnancy.
Hysteroscopic recanalization and septum resection.
LAP Myomectomies.
LAP Cystectomies for Ovarian Cyst.
Completion of surgery in those case that seems inoperable in open surgery.
ToT for stress urinary incompetence.
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