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Urogynecology Treatment


Prabhu Hospital aims to deliver a better life to women who are suffering from issues related to the uterus. We follow the most superior technology, researches, and clinical patterns in order to enhance their healthy life. Our medications are designed by analyzing the stage of the issue and corresponding to that surgical or non-surgical options are planned.
If we talk about Urogynecology, it is similar to Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.

Prabhu Hospital intends to offer quality services to all the patients so that they could have a normal life soon. We always apply the highest possible medical standards and keep on adding new contrivances.

At Prabhu hospital, we have experts who have acquired special training in the treatment and are very well aware of the venerable tools and technology.

Being the preeminent Urogynecology hospital in Gujarat we propose prescriptions for the problems such as:
• Leakage of urine i.e. Uninary Inconsistency
• Waking up in night multiple times to void (Nocturia)
• Fecal Inconsistence
• Overactive bladder
• Weakness in Pelvis muscles
• Voiding Disorders
• Pain during intercourse
• Constipation
• Pelvic pain
• Painful Bladder Syndrome

Hysterectomy: Sometimes women face health issues like painful uterine fibroids, cancer of the pelvic region, endometriosis, and a prolapsed uterus. It all happens due to their uterus, and its removal is the only solution for their healthy life. Through Hysterectomy, the uterus is removed, partially or completely, depending upon the complexity of the problem.

Pelvic Reconstruction: We have seen some cases where patients may need pelvic reconstruction in order to smoothen the Urogynecologic condition. If there is any symptom such as pelvic pain, inconsistent urine, etc. get in touch with us or any medical team immediately. Early diagnose is always helpful for sooner recovery.

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