What Should You Avoid During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy time always demands special care, and ladies passing through this stage should always be extra careful from their own as well. You should follow your routine life with complete attention.

Here, we are specially mentioning the habits that you should avoid at the time of your pregnancy. Also, there are certain eatables whose intake you should minimize or avoid.

Prabhu women’s hospital always cares for the health of an expecting mother and her kid. So always follow the correct timetable and diet so that you could deliver a healthy baby by maintaining your health as well.

Certain Physical Activities:

An expecting mother should not perform heavy weights exercises and crunches. She should also avoid taking heavy stairs, jumping, skipping, etc.

The activities may create internal issues for the baby inside your womb. By knowing the detrimental consequences of the habits, we are recommending avoiding them.

Certain Medications:

Pregnancy is a period where your body needs maximum attention. As we all know, during this time, some hormonal changes occur in the body.

It might be possible whatever suits us before might not suit us now. Hence, never take any medication without consulting with your doctor.

Sitting and Standing for an extended time:

Being in the same position during pregnancy is not good. Your body should be in motion after a specified interval. It keeps you and your baby healthy.

Hence always avoid sitting or standing for too long. Take a break or keep moving when you are with somebody.

Avoid reading negative news:

We always recommend ladies to keep their minds happy during the pregnancy period. Never believe in each and everything you have heard or read. Stay cool and calm.

Think positive and stay in touch with the things that give you immense pleasure and happiness. Also, keep yourself entertaining and stay away from all kinds of negativity.


If you are an expecting mother, limit your intake of Caffeine. Taking too much Caffeine may create complications during pregnancy time. Also, when we say Caffeine, people only think of Coffee but, Caffeine is found in some other drinks as well, and they are

• Chocolate
• Soft drinks and energy drinks
• Tea
• Green Tea

Hence, we advise limiting the intake of these items during pregnancy. Also, being a specialist, we would always suggest what is best for you. Extensive intake of Caffeine is not suitable for the child as well mother.


You should completely ignore drinking alcohol during the pregnancy period because there are some severe consequences. Being a mother, you will never want them. Also, we strictly ask to avoid even a small portion of it because it has adverse effects.

Intake of alcohol generates issues like intellectual disability, facial deformities, and heart defects. We are very sure that no one wants such a dangerous situation. Hence leave alcohol, for once and all. Give a cheering environment where your baby can grow happily.

Specific food that you should avoid:

Some types of Fishes:

There are some fishes having high mercury content. A pregnant lady should avoid eating them because mercury is the most toxic element. And of course, it is not suitable for the body as well as the baby. Also, polluted water is the source of these fishes, so it is better to avoid them. Eating these fishes weakens the immunity power and kidneys. These mercury fishes include:
• Marlin
• Swordfish
• Shark
• Tuna
• Tilefish
• Orange roughy
• King Mackerel

Hence, avoid this toxic-rich seafood because it stops the proper growth of the baby. Also, it creates issues during breastfeeding.

Raw/Undercooked Fish & Meat:

Eating raw fish (majorly shellfish) causes infections like viral, bacterial, Vibrio, Salmonella, parasitic infections, and norovirus, etc.

We have seen cases where some germs become limited to weakness and dehydration, while others may cause some severe issues to the kid that can be fatal also.

Raw Sprouts:

Raw sprouts are not part of a healthy salad. Whenever you plan to have your sprouts, try to avoid raw sprouts like Mug bean, Radish, Clove, and Alfalfa. There is a possibility that they may be contaminated with Salmonella that you should avoid for sure.

We are not stopping you to take sprouts but always take them when they are properly cooked as per the standard guidelines. Also, even a single mistake can be painful during this time hence, always follow given guidelines and keep consulting with your doctor as well.

Unwashed Products:

Hygiene is necessary for all of us, and if you are pregnant, it becomes more imperative. It is because you are carrying a new life inside you. A kid needs a clean environment to grow in a healthier way.

Whenever you are going for your lunch, breakfast, or dinner, make sure that all the fruits and vegetables are properly washed. These items are always contaminated with some bacteria, viruses, etc.

Keeping the present scenario in mind, eating unwashed items is too risky even for a normal life. So always take deep care of your hygiene and give a healthy environment to your kid.

Raw/Undercooked Fish & Meat:

So, these are the habits and eatables that one should avoid during her pregnancy time. Being in the maternity field, we know there are lots of mood swings that occur during this time.

Ladies prefer to some beverages which are certainly not good for health. We know this is natural but, keep yourself strong and always think for your baby.

Always keep one thing in mind, that you are not pregnant forever, and this too shall pass. So always keep yourself motivated towards a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid doing things that we have mentioned above. Also, we are always there to provide guidance. We hope for your good health. Keep browsing the page in order to know more facts about pregnancy.

Also, if there are some queries or doubts, feel free to write or call us. Have a great day ahead!!!

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